What Do We Offer?

For Owners

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    We build your online presence

    • Advertising and marketing of property through various channels including online and telecommunications.
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    We work with potential tenants

    • Arranging and attending viewings of property by potential tenants.
    • Negotiating lease agreements with potential tenants.
    • Ensuring affordability of tenant.
    • Performing all vetting on potential tenants, including credit checks, employment checks and other references.
    • Informing tenants of all rights and duties in terms of lease agreements.
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    We implement hassle-free property management

    • Performing initial inspections and making note of all defects.
    • Arranging signing of lease agreements
    • Payment collections, including deposits and monthly rent.
    • Attending to and managing all queries and complaints from tenants.
    • Attending to any defaults or breeches of lease agreements.
    • Performing any inspections as per lease agreements.
    • Liaising with attorneys in terms of late payments, evictions or disputes

For Tenants

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    We ensure up to date leases

    • With a host of Acts, including the Rental Housing Act, Consumer Protection Act and the very latest developments in legislation that applies to residential leasing.
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    We inspect your new home

    • Performing inspections of property on moving in and moving out.
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    We work with you and your landlord

    • Handing over of keys and communicating any queries and complaints to landlords.
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    We offer value added services

    • We provide you with a free credit report and free legal advice should you need through the Tenant Profile Network Credit Bureau of South Africa (TPN).

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